Friday, December 5, 2008

Being Green (and brown)

The Dave Matthews band has been prominent in the past year, for some reason, in politics and in performances. Matthews is, he insists almost endlessly, very "green." And he supports green causes. He worships Al Gore. A couple of years ago Matthews' and his band appeared in Chicago. They had come on their own bus to the Windy City. One night, thinking no one was watching, the bus was driven to one of the bridges across the Chicago river and the sewage valve was opened an all of the band's shit was dumped over the side of the bridge and into the Chicago River. This might have gone unnoticed except for the sad fact that a dinner cruise was passing under the bridge at that very moment and all the sewage came down on the heads and tables of the diners. The police were called and the bus and its passengers detained.

Dave Letterman, a few nights later, said in his opening monologue, that a spokesman for Dave Matthews said it wasn't as bad as it seemed. It was, in fact, a political statement.  They were only trying, he said, to let tourists know what it felt like to be Cubs fans.

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