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Mao and his Women

Conversation with a Chinese journalist, transcribed and translated
from the Chinese
by Larry Engelmann and XX XXX

Mao Zedong and His Women

Jing Fu Zi

For a decade China has experienced an economic recovery that has made this Asian country dominated by the Communist party which has remained something of a mystery to the outside world. If you want to know contemporary/modern China, you had better know the teacher of Deng Xiaoping, Mao. It is Mao who established Red China and controlled it for 28 years, from 1949 to 1976. And it hsas been just 12 years since Deng has become the paramount leader of China. Four Basic Principles which were the basic thoughts of Deng to control China were copied from the thought of Chairman Mao.
What kind of person wa Mao. Was he a demi-god or a god in the pantheon of great communist heros. Or was a hypocrit, even a devil. Was he a romantic poet? Or was he the last emperor of China.
Mao Zedong and his women. Through the relationship special between Mao and the women in his life, indicates to us, reveals to us, the Chinese politics between the high officials as well as their life secrets. The secret to the inner man and the inner circles. This is a rich historical story. Those who are interested in China and chinese politics should read the entire book. from which this is excerpted.


In the winter of 1937 in the revbolutionary holy land, Yan'an, Mao Zedong had become the highest military leader of the CP. He told the American journalist Edgar Snow that he just recently drove two women out of Yan'an. One of them was an American journalist, Agnes Smedley, the other was his own wife, He Zizhen. He did not explain to Snow why he had driven the two women away from Yan'an. Actually there was another women named Wu Guang Hui , who was the English interpreter for Mao at that time, who also had to leave Yan'an at that time.
Actually, Smedley, who was very open and very warm hearted inspired that she herself had an affair with Mao, she introduced Miss Wu, who shared the same cave with her, to Mao. Which made Mao's wife, He, very outraged/angry, and she said that she was going to kill Smedley.
As a result, Smedley left Yan'an. And He was sent to Moscow. To have see doctors and do some reading. Miss Wu returned to Beijing(called Beiping at that time). None of thr three ever returned to Yanan. That winter Mao met a movie star from Shanghai named Lan Ping. "Who became later Jiang Qing." Her named meant "Blue Apple." Before Mao met Jiang Qing, in his life he had at least seven lovers. The first woman, surnamed Li, was from his home town, Shaoshan. She was his first wife. The second woman was Tao Siyong, who was a classmate of Mao from Shang Sha Teacher's College. The third woman was Yang Kaihui, who was the daughter of Mao's professor. The next was He Zizheng, who was famous as being a great beauty in the Army. The next was a famous writer, Ding Ling, who became very famous in China. And then Smedley and Wu Gang Hui. His relationship with Miss Tao, Miss Ding, Smedley and Miss Wu, was very short. Breief. And his relationship with is first wife, was 12 years. His relationship with Yang lasted seven years. They had three children, all boys. Then his relationship with He, whom he cohabited with her for as long as eleven years, and they had six children. Maa's relationship wtih all three women was sometimes sinultaneous. He kept this relationship with different women at different times until 1949, when he gained control of the entire country and expelled the KMT to Taiwan.
He neglected getting a divorce from his first wife. He never cared about her again after her expulsion to Moscow. He had a strong sexual desire, it was said, and he was very openly flirtatious with women and desirous to have sex. Actually, he is an example of China history, in CHina, who ever was the most powerful person, who enjoyed more freedom than the common citizen and therefore, a prerogative of sexual pursuit and satisfaction.
Jiang Qing's original name was Li Yun He, she was born in Shandong province in 1914. Lan Ping, was her name when she was anctress. All apples were red, she wanted to indicate something exotic and unusual, so the name blue apple. During the thirties in Shanghai there was a popular saying. That is, when Lan Ping is in love, that means she has will take off her clothes--to be in love meant ot make love(Lan Ping lian ai, kuan yi jie dai). It was said that with her to be in love meant to get naked. The normal Chinese attitude was far more spiritual and emotional than to her.
She had publicly cohabited with four men. And then she abandoned all of them in suyccession, when she arrived in Yan'an, she was 24 years old. Like a very Red Apple, she was ready to be devoured. She was pretty, and she was romantic, and she was sensual. At the start, she taught drama in Lu Xun Art School in Yan'an. Before long, she had an affair with her boss, immediate boss, named Xu Yixin, and at the same time, she met a person who was a key person in her life, Kang Shen. Who was the head of the Communist Intelliegence Department at that time. Kang was at the time past forty, and he mastered Marxism and also he was a killer, a very brutal individual, who could kill someone or order them liquidated, as they said, without any hesitation, without blinking his eyes. The initial meeting when minister Kang saw Lan Ping, he had a wonderful idea about her. Although Jiang Ching was wearing the REd Army workers cap and Lenin style clothers, she looked pretty, slim and had beautiful skin, with bright and big black eyes, straight nose, and very sensuous mouth. When she smiled, there were two distinct dimples on her checks. She seemed very sweet and attractive. That is what he thought, "Wouldn't this ber a wonderful gift for Mao?" I would like to let Mao remember me for his entire life as being his matchmaker. Thought of himself as matchmaker rather than pimp. At the spring festival of that year, 1938, Lan Ping took part in the evening party which Mao Zedong Zhao Enlai and other high officials of the party went to watch. It seemed that they didn't leave a very deep impression on Mao at the time. She didn't leave the impression, she was one of the performers, and didn't give him leave him with a deep impression. It was the summer of 1938 Mao met Lan Ping and began to pay special attention to her. It was a special arrangement by Minister Kang Shen that got them together. Athe time in Yan'an there were several famous "universities' like Red Army University, Marxist Institute or College, in order to let others know that he was such a master of Marxist theory, Mao went to these universities to give lecutres very often. And he himself made himself, by fiat, the president of these universities.

When Mao gave a lecutre about Marxism in these universities with his very heavy Hunan accent, all the officials and cadres and faculty were requied to listen to what he said.

Before long, Mao noticed that every time when he gave a speech, there was a very young and beautiful comrade who was always in the first row and stared at him, respectfully, unblinking, listening very carefully to each of his words.

Among a grou of provincial or native women soldiers, Lan Ping was so special. And she from time to time stood and asked questions of Chairman Mao. Finally, Mao was moved, by her attention and flattery, and aftrer one lecture, he went to the first row to speak with this young beauty and began to chat with her, with this young beautiful comrade. Minister Kang immediately gave Mao an introduction. Her name was Lan Ping, he said, she was from Shanghai, left wing, she was a movie star and left wing. but not a party member. She came to Yanan to take part in the revolutionary acause, he said. She was still single, he indicated to Mao. Immediately, Mao invited her to go to his house, cave, to discuss revolutionary theory.

Half a year ago, Mao drove three women out of Yan'an and he had become lonely living there. Here was a romantic young woman suddenly available and eager to meet him. He in turn was happy to meet her. This was the first time when she went to his dwelling, Mao asked her to have dinner with him. While they were having wine and having food, they had an intimate converstaion, swtiched, and following the diner, Mao invited her to stay with him that night.

She knew that Mao had never been so happy and she herself had never before been so unrestrained and so wild in bed. Until the morning of the next day, Mao fel asleep in her arms. They made love repeatedly that night and in the morning he fell asleep in her arms.

Before he fell asleep, he told Lan Ping that, "From now on I don't want to be a leader. I want someone else to take care of politics.(Chong tsi jun wang bu zhao chao). Means that in ancient China the emperor in the morning had to meet with his subordinantes to tell them what to do and receive their reports, each day. Mao now said that he was like the emperor and from now on didn't want to meet them in the morning. he wanted to spend more time in bed. This was now the most important thing in his life, he indicated.

Since Red Army heroine He was still Mao's official wife, who was in Moscow at the time, Lan Ping's relationship with Mao had to be taken underground, kept secret as well as possible. Every time she came to visit him, to ask questions about revolutionary theory, at that time Mao gave her the name Jiang Ching, which was from the ancient poem from Tang dynasty. Meaning "Pure River."

Soon, they had an accident. Early one morning Lan Ping sneaked out Mao's bed, but Mao's guards, bodyguards, thought that she was an assassin, they caught her. Lan Ping dare not cry out, and dar not say anything at the time, and Mao went out after this, hearing the noise, and sent her away, ordered her released.

The news of this incident spread throughout the city of Yanan. Almost all of the cadres and soldiers were from suffered from the long march and since He was one of them they liked her very much. And so they had empathy for her because she was a comrade who had suffered with them. EVeryone hated this stinking devil from Shanghai,(Cao Yao Jin) asnd denounced her. And also because everyone there worshipped Mao, they wouln't let themselves suspect Mao and so they made her the object of their disgust.

Jiang Ching found herself suddenly in the midst of a controversy and a scandal. Every time that the soldiers met now, the first topic was always about this stinky movie star, who tried to destroy our beloved Chariman's family and reputation.

Once, when Jiang went to a clinic to see a doctor, the nurse asked her, "What's your name?" They were disgraceful to her. "Jian Ching" she said and the nurse replied, "We've never heard of such a name around here." I am Jiang Ching, indeed, she said. and the nurse said, "Ah. You've changed your name. I thought you were the actress Lan Ping." And others around asked her, "Does our beloved sister know about the name? The others said, "You looked great, What's happening. What is wrong with you Are you pregnant?" An disgraceful question since she was unmarried. "We cannot give you any medicine if you are pregnant." And she she was publicly insulted. She could no longer stand this, the proud woman. She began to cry. And she ran from the clinic before she could see a doctor. It became increasingly difficult for her to live in Yan'an now. Mao too was embarrassed by the situation. He had been the highest leader for just a short time. His position was not stable yet. And among the high officials and soldiers his affair with Jiang Ching was very unwelcome. They alsl loved his wife, He. By now, even the very wise minister Kang could not have any solution to this problem.

It was Mao's personality. He loved with both power and beauty. And if he had to make a choice between these two, he wouold of course choose power and bandon beauty. To him, if he had the power then he could have as many beauties as he wanted. So he made a wise decision at this point in his life. He sent Jiang Ching away from Yan'an. And he let her go to Shanxi Province where there was a headquarters of the 8th Route Army. In Tai Hang Shan.

Now Mao was going to drive the fourth women from Yan'an. Jiang Ching felt wronged by this. She herself was a "new woman" who was against the ancient traditions concerning the role of women. But among the comrades, she herslef was surrounded by old traditions. she was not willing to leave Mao. She knew that as soon as she left hm, there was some new beautiful woman who would take her place in his bed. And she herslf would never come back be called back. So now she thought about Deng Ying Chao and Zhao En Lai, who was the vice chairman of the party at that time. This couple was very happy and were respected and beloved in Yan'an. They cared about everyone and were always willing to help others.

Thinking of them, Jiang Ching got the last hope. But she dare not go to them directly. So she went to consult Minister Kang. Minister Kang listened to her half listening to her, and smiled. "Lan Ping, he said, you are really a smart girl." Just go to Vice Chairman Zho and I think he will help you."

Jiang Ching removed her makeup, dressed very simply, washed, and tried to emphasize her natural beauty, unadorned with makeup. she then went to Zho and Deng and cried about her miserable life. And they became sympathetic to her. He promised that he woud intercede in her behalf with Mao, and speak to him abtout it. He said, "Anyway, Comrade He is far away in Moscow. She can't return within three or firve hears. Comrade Mao needs some female companionship. To take care of his life. Take care of his daily life. We would rather have him live with one woman than to let him sleep with many comrades. Let's let him have just one. That will keep him happy, and the other's happy too." In this case, Jiang Ching will not only help the image of our leader, but she also will help the revolution.

Zho was the founder of the Red Army, the first incarnation of the PLA. He was respected highly by the Soviet Union. Soviet Consultant Li De, considered Zho to be superior to Mao, so he was very powerful because of this connection. Together with Zhu De, commander in Chief of the Red Army and Chen Yi, a marshall in the army, Zhou they had taken away Mao's position as political commissar of the REd Army twice. To punish Mao they stopped his work. But in 1934 the Red Army was surrounded by the Kuomintang and they had to leave their base area Jing Gang Shan and started the Long March. Which was 10,000 kilometers. 6,000 miles.
After arriveing in Yanan Zhou gave his power to Mao. And became vice chairman Zhou. From that tie on, Zhou listened to Mao about everything. If he could do good things to Mao concerning Jiang Ching, he could get rid of the distance between him and Mao. In order to create a good image of Jiang Ching, Zhou was brought her out and always went with her, went out in public with her. She accompanied him around Yanan. And went riding on horseback, his hobby. He took her riding. So Zhou went horesriding with her, often. Publicly they were seen together. But Jiang had bad luck at this time. One day, when she was riding with Zhou, her horse, was frightened and ran into Zhou's horse, and Zhou fell from his mount and was injured. He broke his arm. left arm. He had to leave Yanan, to go to the Soviet Union, but he hever had his arm properly set. For the remainder of his life it was stiff, and from that time one, when he appeared in public, his left arm was bend across his stomach, a reminder of Jiang Chin and horseback riding.

Now Jiang Ching had another fault. She had alienated the comrades twice. She tempted Mao, but also made our beloeved Zhou break his arm. Compromised Mao and injured Zhou. By now Mao had no choice but to send her away for sure this time before she did more damage. She was sent to a small group that was supposed to go to the frontier. The night before she left, Mao himself arranged a small banquet for her. They told each other, while they were eating, they said to take care. Both understood that it was the last time they would see each other. It was during the war and nobody could tell if they would ever see eadh other again. At that night, she gave herself totally to Mao. Early the next morning, she arose and left with the small group of comrades. Mao didn't get up at the same time to see her off. He was exhausted by her energy. She left Yan'an with, sad. But she had nobody to talk to about her agony. Heavy heart. The small group arrived at last at the Huang He. They used a raft crossed the Huang He river and attempted to get into Shanxi province.

They could not get into the 8th Route Army headquarters without the help of the communist underground organization. But unfortunately, the underground system had been destroyed by the Japanese airforce. So they could not get to the headquarters and they returned to Yanan.

To Jiang Ching there was no better chance in her life than this. Arriving in Yanan, she rushed to the chairman's cave. Mao was so sad after she left, so melancholy, he suddenly it was like a dream that she had returned to him. Mao put him in her arms, unembarrassed. And said he would neer let her go again, it had all been a mistake. He said, "It's Fate(Tian Yi) who sent you to me this time!" From that time on, Jiang Ching cohabited with him and became his little, tender lover. And Mao no longer cared about what those around him said of the relationship any longer.

One important reason for this is that Jiang Ching had an especially rich sexual experiences. She was very good in bed. She had many styles of making Mao very happy. The comfort and the stimulation that she gave to Mao, was he had never experienced from other women. All of the women in his life before this could not compare or compete with the energy and imagination and abandon of Jiang Ching.

He was still, however, his official wife. The famouse general He Long, and Peng Dehuai, who was the deputy commander in chief were all not satisfied with Jiang Ching. Unhappy with this relationship. But Zhou Enlai who had just returned from the Soviet Union for treatment of his arm. tried his best to make Mao and Jiang Ching live in peace together. And itwas Zhou who persuaded these two generals to accept the fact of this relationshp. and Mao himself made a concession, and he let the Centeral Committee make a decisions about this relationship. So the Central Committee made three prniciaplas for the couple. First, Jiang Ching could never be called Madame Mao. Second, it was Jiang Ching's responsibility to take care of Mao's daily needs but she was forbidden to become involved in any political aspects of hs life. And third, no one else would follow this example, no one else coud marry another woman who he was already married. No one else in the party could follow this example, ths was not to be a precedent.

Both Jiang Ching and Mao signed their names as the principals to this agreement with the party. What they wanted at this time was to live legally together. And the time would take care of the other difficulties, they believed. They were right. In the next thirty yhears Mao started the Cultural Revoution in 1966. Jiang Ching became powerful within the party and the nation it ruled at that tije. she herself put Marshall He Long and Peng Dehuai to death. In order to avenge herself for the insults at Yanan.

Jiang Ching background before she met Mao: Born in 1914 in Shandong Province in the town of Zhu Chen. Her father was an acolohic, and a small businessman. seemed always drunk and abusive toward both his wife and daughter. He'd wanted a son, but instead had a daughter and seemed take disapointment out on both of them. When mother could not take it any longer, left him with her daughter and became a maid in wealthy family in Zhu chen(born just outside). The family Kang family. The eldest son was Kang Shen, a student at the time, in a university in Shandong province. By that time, when they met, she was 14 years old when met the young man during a trip home from college. The student seduced the young woman and they became lovers and she lost her virginity at the age of 14 to Kang Shen. Later Kang Shen went to the Soviet Union and she attended drama school, her mother saved every penny and sold the daughter to a small drama school in that city. There she met her first husband, Wei Heling, a classmate of her's in the drama school. Drama School of Shandung Province. She left him soon after the marriage, didn't sit well with her. The second husband, named Yu Qiwei, who later changed his name to Huang Jing and became the mayor of Tianjin under the communist party, following liberation in 1949. they went from being co-habitqation to marriage and it lasted three years. Then she fell in love with another man and left him never to return. Her third husband was Tang Na, and her once child with Mao, was named after her third husband, and became Li(her original surname) and Na, the original name of her third husband. He was a movie critic in Shanghai. When she finished drama school she went to Shanghai, a big cosmpolitan center and a center for the arts in China, where opportunity awaited her. He was a powerful individual in the movie industry of China at the time by his articles. She arrived in Shanghai, needed a patron, someone to write about her and to give her publicity. She was introduced to him, went to him after reading one of his stories. She began an affair with him and he began writing about her. His writing made her known to the film community in Shanghai. After she married him for one month, she changed her mind and lerft him again. Shortly after that he attempted suicide, unsuccessfully. She came came back to him after his first two efforts, the first time she left him she went to her ex husband, and returned when she heard he had attempted suicide. They made peace for a short period of time and then she left him again, and he attempted suicide by jumping into the Huang Pu River in Shanghai. But he was pulled out by those nearby. He was in Tianjin, her second husband at that time. The second time, she came back to him anmd they. He wrote about her and got her into the movies, she was already an actress but she had no roles to play. So he wrote about her, she was not a player, and because of him she became well known in Shanghai. Third time was the unlucky time and moved in with a film director, Zhang Ming. He was already married and three children. She made him divorce his wife and leave his family, and before that time, he had apparently been hapiily married, but she intruded and divorced his wife and left the family. But in time she abandone dhim and went to Yan'an. She thought that this was the place for her to become famous. The communists were emerging as a power at this time, and growing, and she seemed to see the future with the communists. At the time she may have been a party member. She joined the party and was introduced to the party by her second husband, who was a leader of the communsts branch. Then Jiang Ching was arrested in Shanghai, and she wrote a letter saying that she would leave the party and never become involved with them, to the KMT, and so she was set free. This was unusual, since others refused to recant, when arrested. Mao's first wife was arrested and executed when she refused to recant and to divorce her husband publicly. Jiang Ching, however, betrayed the party. And this is why Kang Shen was a great friend of hers , but before he died he wrote a secret letter to Mao telling ofher betrayal in Shanghai.
She had also countless affairs with actors in Shanghai. One of those was the most popular actor Zhao Dan, in the 1930s. He was married to another actress. She carried on a torrid affair with her. And during the cultural revolution, she was afraid that these individual would publicize her past, because she had political ambition, so she sought to purify her past in retrospect. So she ordered the REd Guards to arrest him along with other actors and actresses. When the REd Guard came to his home to arrest him, and they demanded to know what he had done wrong. He deamned back, "How dare you arrest me. Don't you know who I am?" And then he showed them pictures of Jiang Ching nude, totally, from the front, and she was sitting on his lap. With her arms around his neck. The young Red Guards were utterly shocked, they were young and worshipped Jiang Ching. they believed the photos were faked or that it was a look alike. He was arrested and jailed for ten years to keep him silent. then after the arrest of the Gang of Four he was set free. He died shortly after that. Other of her lovers were detained during the Cultural REvolution also. The film crit8ic married another woman whose father was a businessman in France. And he married her and moved to France. he became a restauranter in France and wrote an article following the death of Mao entitled "Madame Mao, my wife." Just before in 1950s, Mao began to see other women again, and Jiang Cing became jealous and she thought shince she had other women she could have other men. She wrote to another actor in Shanghai and he was a good friend of her ex husband, trying to locate him in France to ask him to return to China. Because she was so angry she did this, and soon gave up the effort. She wrot to the old colleage to ask about this. Ten years later, during the cultural revolution, she became so afraid that she had written this letter, and she thought this would be used against her, so she orederd the Red Guard to arrest him and his wife. He died in jail. He was unaware of what his crime was at first, but finally realized, it was said, because of the letter.

The earlier husbands, weren't officially divorced. She just left them and statrted a new life. Then she published an announcment telling of her divorce. This was not unsuual in the movie circles at the time. It was said that she was very open and when she was in love she took off her clothes.

Lan Ping's maid, lived in her house in Shanghai, and this woman knew a lot of her relationship with other men and with her third husband, but the woman treated her well knowning that she was from a poor family also. And Jiang Ching also treated her well and gave her many pictures. Butrr finally during the cultural revolution she remembered this woman and decided she could not let her go and so ordered her arrested. She was placed in the same jail that Jiang Ching would be place din later. Qing Chen jail, where Jiang Ching was eventually placed, number one jail in China. Only very important individuals are placed in that jail.

Mao was inacapable of foidelity, however. The reason he did not divorce her, and the reason he kept her was because she was tolerant towards his womanizing. HIs great friend Kang Shen always told her, "That's men. YOu know men. That's Mao. He's Chairman and you must let him do what he wants. If you can't stand this, you cannot realize your own dreams." She therefore put up with the wild storis and activities of Mao. he went to the dwellings of other women to have sex.

She eventually told her closes frined, "Sex will only work for a short time, a couple of times. After that, you have to be smart enough to keep the man. You must use your imagination." She was smart, also. She neverf accused Mao of infideltity but remained charming. She knew that Mao had other women, but pretended that she didn't know it. She was a good actress, not for nothing had she studyinged acting.

The second wife who went to Moscow, she wanted Agnes Smedly kiled and she asked her guards to kill Smedley. she ordered her guard to shoot her, but, with a pistol. Which made Mao embarrassed. Sometimes when she was jealous, she took a broom and grabbed and beat her husband with it and he defended himself with a chair, and they went around and around the room while she scremed at him and he defended himself from this relentless onslaught.

In the 1980s special visitors could go to Zhongnanhai, the state employees and hgh party members and PLA officers, could visit the private quarters of Zhongnanhai. Now all but foreigners can go there. Others go to Mao's Mauseleum adjacent to Tiananmen Square, several blocks away walking distance. there Mao's compound has been preserved for the party faithful to see. His office, like a little forbidden city, prettier than the forbidden city, with its own artificial lakes, gardens, all the guards are military armed soldiers. Msao's quarers are there, a large house with a wall around it, with tall ceilings. His ping pong room, but the most impressive was his library. He owned thousands of volumes, several rooms of books, most ery old. Mao who read and spoke only Chinese all the books were in Chinese. He spoke and read no foreign languages, like some of the party men around him. Was said that he never read a word of Marx or Lening, but every time he told stories to his women about history, it was, and never about Communism or communist theory. Some of them remembered that he was never in the least bit interested in Marxism of Leninism. His bed talk, he had a huge Chinese style bed, an Emperor size bed, larger than a kind sized bed. Half of the bed was covered with books. The other half was empty and it was said that he stayed in bed for days merely reading. Outside the bedroo was a small room, adjacent to it for his secretary and nurse. Had a small single bed there. A military bed there. This was where the nurse was supposed to sleep. In fact the bed was never used. Zhang Yu Fong, that nurse since 1956, never used the bed. Rather she shared, all those years, the large bed with the chairman. In Bewd his talk was about poetry, sex, poems, ancient Chinese history. He never spoke of politics to her.

hE MET her during a train trip on a train where she ws working at the time as an attendant on a railway car. She was from a working class family and gained the job as an attendant on one of his special trains, after graduating form a junior high school, had never attended only two years of high school, and then went to work for the railroad. She was born in a Harbin workers family. And she short, 5'2" a very quiet and shy young woman, of medium height, sweet tempered, it was said, and tender and attentive to her customers. Her strong point was that she could always understand others, she was a good listener, she never complained. Always generous and never expected repayment by others, it was said. In 1956, Mao was visiting North East China, Mao took the train and which she ws working on. She was 17 at the time an an attendant and she was sent to work on his train as a maid. At that time Mao didn't pay special attention to her since he had several other women in his life. the only thing he noticed was that since she was a small maid, when she came to him, his library or study in his bedroom, became extremely tidy or clean on the train. His room had no air conditioner, and he was always hot and sweating. So he noticed in his desk, on the table or at the bedside table always had white clean handkerchief on it for him. Mao smoked heavily, so this little attendant always gave him ahs tray whenver he went somewhere. she moved quitely and silently, she always changed the ash tray and never looked directly into his eyes. Mao never liked to change his clothes, he liked swimming but hated taking showers. Since this small maid, every evening she would bring some tidy and clean clothes to his room. And woujld always say, "Chairman Mao, please remember to change your clothes when you sleep tongith. For most of his life, he never had anyone who took care ofhim. And Jiang Ching never took attention to this detail, so he felt for one of the first times in his life tender, womanly care. One day when Miss Zhang came to take care of his bedroom, he grabbed her into the bed, pulled her in, and said, "Thank you for your attention." But then he didn't let go. She resisted only slightly. She recalled being moved. She was from a workers family, she told hm. When the Japanese had occupied her home town and her parents had worked under them, were so insulted. Thanks to Mao, the great God of the people, he had saved her family. She said, "It is the happiest thing in the world for me to serve Chairman Mao." By that time, he embraced her tightly, and intimated that there were other ways by which she could serve Chariman Mao. They made love at that time. She believed that he was a great man who had liberated all the workers of China and felt she should and could do anything for the man and so she did. She worshipped him a dn was a simple girl from little education. She had a simple loyalty to him and a simple understanding of sex.

When he left the train the brief fling ended. She returned to her job as a common worker on the trains in Northeast China. Two years later, during anothr train trip on which Mao He was on a train to He Bei, close to Beijing, in 1958, June, and he was very unhappy. He had fought with Jiang Ching and he was involved at the time in a political struggle within the party. He was temperamental and his bodyguards worried about him. He had started the people's Communes and the Great Leap Forwarfd. All the officers with him on the trip, the high officials came to report to him, and they walways said good things to Mao. But Mao locked himself in his study and refused to see anyone. No meetings were held, all were cnacelled as were all report sessions. He sighed, seemed temperamental and then refused to come out to eat, during the second day. The third day he refused even to ge tout of bed. He had a male attendant at the time who served him milk and soup and his favorite tea. But Mao threw the milk cup away, borke it and refused to drink it and broke the cup. He was very angry. And all the people around him were so scared by this. His office manager on the trip, Wang Dong Xin, who was the procurer of Mao's women, his pimp, it is said that he is the individual that Mao trusted most. And he was the only one who could carry arms into Mao's office. No one else could go armed into Mao's presence. He knew Mao so well, he may have been Mao's closest companion. So that day, when Mao sleeping in his bed, he sneaked into his study, and wanted to know why Mao so angry, and he found written on the note pads on Mao's desk, and at the bedside table, and on one of the papers, written in the corner in small characters, Mao's handwriting, "Zhang You Fong, written over and over again, dozens of time. The attendant, when he left the study, he called directly to Zhongnanhai, and ordered his suborinante, to find that woman and to fly her airplane to Harbin and to pick her up and Comrade and bring her to Mao, send her to the train as quickly as possible. The train was in Xu Sui county at the time, where Mao was visiting. This was her story. Actually, she was not that beautiful. But Mao had taken her virginity. She was very selfless. Unlike Zhang Ching, she had no ambition. So she was flown there. When the plane bringing her from Harbin, the Harbin RR station was so worried head, that he didn't know where she was, on what train, and he could not locate her, but they called everywhere looking for her, a national emergency, to find out where she was, ajnd finally they found her, and they waid, all the employees of the train station in Harbin, all the employees were sent to look for her, and thre was no way to find her. Finally they found her on a train, which was going toward to Northeast of Harbin. And they orered her to come back to Harbin immediately, without delay. And so all the train had to suppoly the convenience for her to get back to harbin, the train stopped and instead it went directly going to Harbin a special train. Early the mroning of the second day, she returned to harbin, and at that tiem she was just married for two months. Her husband was a railway worker at the railway station. The couple lived together with her parents in harbin. When she arrived in Harbin she went home, changed clothes, and said goodbye to her parents and her husband. She was not supposed to tell them where she was going, but to say that she was going on a business trip. It is strange that Mao, who was a bit man, and overweight at the time, but he wanted small and slim and samll breatsted women, he moved slowly. And he walked slowly at the time, but he liked people around him to act quickly. ABout the sexual relationshp, he forbad everyone in China to have adultery, you could have sex only with one wife, and discouraged divorce, but he himself always changed women. He beamed when he saw her, extremely happy at that pont. She became a "special nurse" to acfcompany him everywhere. When Nixon and Kissinger visited China, she was there by his side. But she was not introduced to them. When Mao died, she was so sad, she was, it was said, the saddest. But she was not allowed in the family line at the underal, the children and grandchildren were allowed but not her. And not there chldren.

She bore him two children When she arrived at his train, he was over sixty years old at the time. Mao was in his office on the train at the time, and agny and sad at the time. Suddenly, he saw a young girl with a railway unform. She was so clean and so pretty, he felt. He could not believe his eyes. He said, "What are you doing here? The same words he'd said to Jiang Ching," God has brought us together." The same words he'd said earlier to Jiang Ching. and his eys brightened and his heart, pounded. Again. His voice was breaking, near tears when he saw here. "Oh my God, Xiao Fong, I missed you so much! It has been two years since I've seen you." They immediately went to bed. She felt happy herself. She did everything to serve the great leader. She felt grateful herself, since there were so many beautiful women around him and he had chosen her. Nobody mentioned her husband gain. People were nervous around him, but htis young woman of 19 was no longer shy, she got aslong well with him after that. they were nearly inseparable. He told her it was a tradition that men were on top of women when they made love. But this time, I will let you on the top. This was of cosmic and symbolic also. But Mao wantedc her to be on top of the chairman during sex. He said that "woman should have the better position in society and in bed." Later he go tired and sweated, and staying there still in bed with her. She rose, naked, and grabed a towel and wiped his forhead and chest and arms. Mao felt comfortable. From those around him immeidately noticed the change. She was so grateful toward him that she felt guilty about her husband. She felt sorry for him. But he workd so hard and never enjoyed life. FElt pity for him. So two hours afer he met her, he was already so happy again, he gave a hearty smile to those around him, became personable to those around him where before her was short tempered and refused to eat. Now after two hours with her he was happy again.
She had two children with him. Two boys.
Mao with sex. He was very strong, very great urge, but he very simple. Had no imagination and certainly no style. it began easliy and consumated early and was over early. But he liked to have it again and was easily aroused. Sounded almost like abuse of his women. During the long March he had sex often with his wife, even during her period. He seldom thought of her, mounted her and had sex and then was gone. His first wife was in jail at the time, and she refused to make an anouncement that she was divorced. She was in jail, suffering, and Mao was with the army soldiers, and she had a child shortly after they married. Jiang Ching had baby shortly within a fe wmonths of marrying him. The women in three sons of Mao. No one cared for the sons, they became beggars. Zhou Enlai, when in yan'an, sent people to search for the children. They were found, the eldest, who died later in Korean war. Then the second son was retarded, the Guo Mindang soldiers he struck him on the head. He is still alive. The third was never found. Mao had two children with He just before the long March, a son and a daughter. These were abandoned, sent to a peasant's family and also never recovered, never found again. She was pregnant on the long march, also, and so she the situation so bad, she became weak, extrmeley, Mao still mounted her nightly to have sex and she tried to evade him. That child died during the long March. When they arrived in Yanan, she had another child, a daughter, who is still alive in China today. Later, when He found out he had an affair with Agnes Smedley as well as with interpreter, she said she would kill them and so he drove her away. she was pregant again. She had the baby in Moscow, but the baby was small and weak, and died when several months old. When He in Moscow and the baby died, she heard that Mao having an affair with Jiang Ching. She sufferend a mental breakdown. She remained in Moscow until shortly before Liberation. Then she returned to CHina, lived in Shanghai for the rest of her life. Mao never saw her one time again in her life. she was kept in a house in Shanghai, had her servants, but she lived alone. And later she still missed Mao became convinced it was all her fault. When she in Xian, Zhou's wife asked her to come back, saying it was just a fight between Husband and wife, but she was feisty and said that the relationship between them was gone. "I want to elave him as far behind as possible, " she said. So she finally returned to china and Mao would not allow her to live in Beijing. She went to live in Shanghai. She had six children, five of them died. The one that survived, the one lived with Jiang Ching. She called Jiang Ching mother, and changed her name to Jiang Ching's surname. her name became Li Ming. That was her only daughter. Named after Jiang Qing. She lost everything but still respeced Mao and said in time that it was all her fault and that she never should have left him.

She had a friend who went to Bejing to a conference of party leaders, and she asked the old friend to say hello to Mao for her. When Mao learned that his ex wife sill cared for him, Mao was deeply moved and he bought a small radio and had it brought back to her. Then when He got it, she wept, it was said. She was inconsolable. She listened to the radio day and night, and the reports of the Central Committee Conference, and Mao was often on the radio in those days. But the radio then stopped working.

In 1957 in Lu Shan, there was a party meeting, and Peng Dehuai was gone and Mao asked someone to bring his ex wife to Lu Shang to meet with him. And the first sentence he said to her was, "I made your life so mierserable. I am very sorry." She responded. "It is my fault." Mao let her stay in Lu Shan but the second day, Jiang Qing was supposed to have a vacation in Hongzhou, and she arrived in Lu Shan the second day, earlier in the morning, because Kang Shen heard about the coming of He and hecalled Jiang immediately and when she heard the news, she came without delay to the twon and so He had to leave at the time. That was the only time after since 1937 that this woman saw her. they were never divorced. She died in in 1986. Her grandson attended eventually the INstitute for INternational RElations in Najing. His name Kong Jining. Today he is an intelligence officer in the PLA. And he is assigned to Pakistan, an assistant to the miltary attache.

Mao had two children with his nurse. Two sons. He seemed happy about this, having had only one daughter with Jiang Qing and he wanted sons. He didn't enjoy being a fther, seldom saw his children and sent thema way. In the early sixties she bore him two sons. Jiang Ching didn't dare touch her. She became untouchable for all others. Kang Shen came to congratulate Mao at 3 PM one day and went to his study and said, "Chairman Mao, congratulations. Congratulations." And Mao stood there and smiled at him, stretched one hand out and shook hands and asked why do you congratulate me. And he said, "Comrade Zhong just had a boy. Mao asked, Where did you get this news. And Kang Shen said, "Comrade Zhong Qing told me to report this to you and to congratulate you." Mao responed, "Ha. I used to have two sons. One son was killed. The other was retarded. I don't have any sons in my life now. So Kang Shen said, Now you have one again. Congratulations. Mao smiled and said, "Good. Good. He pauysed and repeated the word to himself. "Good." Please, sit down."
When Kang Shen said that Jiang Qing asked this to be reported, Mao said, Oh, the lady from the hometown of yours, is very tolerant, Kang Shen"

When Mao saw his newborn son, the son was fat and looke dlike the fatther and when he cried, he was very loud. Mao liked that and held the child, looked carefully at him for more than half an hour. And Miss Shang said, "Chairman Mao, please name this child." Mao, nodded his head, and said, "Xiao Fong, you understand the situation. He paused for several seconds and then said, "I have two daughters. All of them, both of them had Jiang Qing's surname. I think our son had better have your sunranme. And let's call him Nanzi, that means son of Zongnanhai." This was the first son, another was born a few years later. Miss Zhong's eyes filled with tears and she expected, she expected this kind of result she knew that he would not admit that this was his son. But she believed that all of the her son looked exactly like the Chairman and that he would be phsycaiilly as large as his father, and there would be no doubt as to his relation with Mao. And also she decided not to eat any medicine, to not to take birth control pills, wanted to have more children with Mao and all of them to look like Mao. She thought that finally people would admit that they were the children of Chairman Mao. and later Mao said, "We will treat this kid very well, and we will send him to a very good nursery. and the name is "Yu Quan Shan" nursery in Beijing. It was a special institution for the children of the mistresses of the party leaders. A special nurse for the chile. Later you can go to the nursery to see our child. But Miss Zhong was very said and she knew that the children in the nursery wer all the illigitmate children of the party officials, they were all the bastard children of the party officials who refused to acknowledge their paternity. And Jiang Qing and Kang Shen were the only ones who congratulated Mao about the children. Others, like Zhou Englai, and others, Deng Ziaoping, they heard about it but they dare not admit that they knew these things about Mao's personal relationshipw th his nurse. The only ones to congratulate him were his wife and intelligence chief. Mao asked Mao, then, have you ever seen that kid. Yes, I've already seen him. She said, Let's give him my surname. Since all of the children have my surname. and she said, Anyway, it is the son of Mao and Mao said, Never mind, don't bother. I think that we should give him the surname of his mother, whoever bore him should give him the name. In bed she asked him why he liked her better than the other women he might have, better than Jiang Ching. He was candid and surprised her. "Because you are so tight inside," he responded. He called her Xiao Phong. He said, "You are a naughty little woman. You know what is the best thing about you. You are so small and you are so tight inside. That is nice. And so strong inside at the same time. You are really a good woman in bed." he said, when they were amking loe. "She said you like that. Then I will do that, I'll do that now." She could tighten her vagina during sex and then she did it again. Then, after they made love, Mao was unlik eher husband, and her husband would fall asleep and Mao always held her in his arms and told her stories, told her tender things and she was happy with this. She thought this was so different from her husband. She preferred the ways of Mao to those of her husband. Sometimes, she was herself a very tolerant woman, with a very big heart. Sometimes Mao had a very beautiful woman to visit him in his office, bedroom. And whenver there was such a young beautiful woman, she would leave the area and go to another part of the house and talk to the soldiers there, never intrude until Mao pushed a button that requested her to return. she never asked him questions about that. When he had a night visitor he would have her sleep in her own small bed outside her room, and she knew that altough he was a God, a great leader, she believed that he needed new women sontantly. For the first several times she was jealous and unahppy with Mao. And she accused him of being just like Jiang Qing. He said, "Are you jealous. No, but I am worried aboutyour health. He said, "Don't worry. I am strong enough for these women." She said, But these women may not be clean. They may have some disease. they may hurt you, even without knowin it. He said it was all right. that would not happen.

The two girls in Tsingtao. Amont those who caught his eye, two young ill fated women in the military in Tsingtao. He had a special group of friend s who were contantly on the lookout for young women, looking for women for him, matchmakers like Kang Shen. There were stage performers who were opera performers in Tsingtao. In 1956. Tsigntao very famous at the time for its beaitufl women. So, in the Tsingtrao dancing and singing performing artists group, they had two beaitufl young women were part of the troop. Both of them were 20 years old at the time. And their names were Xiao Fang and the other Dai Pai, close friends and the same age in the troops. There was a principal for the performers, and they could not have boyfriends before the age of 25, so neither had boyfriends or had dated or taken any romantic interest in men. they shared one room in the dormitory for the performers, and they were very sloe to each otehr, like sisters, itw as said. some of the boys tried to get them but always failed. So they made rumors and said that they were lesbians. Then one day, the head of propsaganda department of Tsingtao City asked this group of performing artists, to send Dai Pai toa very special small hotel to for a private and honorable assignment. She was picked up to go there, and saw that a special limousing Red Flag Limousine and was impressed af first by that. When the high official saw her, examined her with his eyes from head to toe and then finally said, "Congratulations. You have been selected to work for a high official in the party. But he did not give the same of the official. Then he said, you can go to pick up some new clothes, nothing more. Just wait there and we will pick you up later. Later she was picked up by a car, a REd Flag again, at 6 that same evening, she went to her place, she had never been there before, she had grown up in the city, but had never seen it before, a large house behind a high wall, surrounded by colorful flowers, they had several cars parked there, military cars and jeeps and trucks. Facing the house was the sea, on the bank of the sea. She met two doctors there, two femal e doctors, middle aged physicians. they had no expression on their faces, they were very officiaious and very serious. And the first thing they saked her to do was to take a shower and to remove all of her clothing. The bathroom she thought was huge and bright and the carpet was thick and like new. The room was filled with huge vases, and mirttros. the shower stall was huge(Mao enjoyed taking a shower with women and being wshed) and there was plenty of good and expensive foreign shampoo and soap, everything in plentifuo supplies. After the shower, she dried herself. then the doctors prevented her from dressing, told her to remain unclothed, and came into the room and waited for her. Then they had her stand before amirriro. She was shy and ashamed at the time. What do you want me to do, she asked. They didn't anser her question, but they walked around and around her looking at her breasts, her public hair, selected and discussed her breasts her nipples, the hair between her legs in some graphic detail. She was ashamed and embarrassed. They asked her to lie on the bed, flat and to spread her legs. They wanted a medical examination on her, they said. When she was on the bed, they covered her eyes with a piece of white towel. And they pulled her legs further apart, she couldn't move and they held her ankles. Held them tightly apart, then she could feel them probing her, the women doctors. They squeezed her breasts, to find if they were firm, pinched the nipples, to see if there were any lumps in them or if they responded to their touch. Then she remembered the pain when they probed inside her with their giners. She told them, cried out, and asked them to stop, saying it was very painful. They continued to say, "Good, good. She is a virgin." She wondered why they wondered about this. Thjey said "There is nothing wrong with you. She is a virgin and there is nothing wrong with her. She is healthy. Good, Good. Then the doctor took off the towl from her face and asked her to stand up. They asked her to take yet another shower and they gave her a uniform. Later, they said, we will have someone fix your heair. The people who worked in offices of any high official whore a khaki uniform. They told her, "Don't be surprised, please, you are not the only one who experiences this sort of process. We do this every day!" AFter the shower, she was lead to stylist in the another room. The hair stylist was an elderly man, and when he ws doing her hair, he continued to tell her how beautiful she was. She asked why he kept saying this. "I'm just working here," she protested. Why are you telling me this. And the others working there. The other men working there all had on white uniforms. And the famel all had on skirts uniforms. Everywhere there were bright red carpeting, and people moved around but never made even the slightest sound, it was the quietest building she had ever been in during her life. It was eleven at night by the time her hair had been styled. they gave her a small meal tht night. The dining room was so large, she could have whatever she wanted, she was told, and it was all free. She ordered four different dishes and a bowl of soup. The rice was so great, she thought, the best she had ever tasted hin hier life. She was told that only the most politically reliable people could work in this compound. And they asked her to take care of this high official daily life, they said, "This is your responsibility to serve this official and to make him happy. Do you understand that? It is not only his persona life, but this is realted andimportant to the whole party and the whole country." She felt honored and happy for the chance to serve the country. And she was warned neer to talk to anyone about anything she saw or heard in this building. At the same time, she asked who was the high official that she was ging to work for. And they said, you will know when you see him. He is everywhere in China. His picture is everywhere in China. YOu will know him. But she still had no idea who it would be. It was now past midnight and they said, "Now it is your turn to be on duty. She was led to a large suite which was faced the sea, the house was so large and luxurious, she had seen rooms like this in films. The first flooor had the living room. The second was study full of books, and the third layer was a big bedroom, and the carpet was red and ran throughout the house. But the window drapes were black. There was a large bed in the room. They had two side tables on the bed on each side of the bed. And two chairs made of bamboo beside the bed also. The clothes were on a pile on one of the chairs. The bedroom seemed to be very empty. there was nobody around. The only thing she could hear was the shower running in the next room. And the doctor who led her to the room said, Now take off your clothes, please. And plese provide good service. She said, just go to the bathroom, to the shower. Someone is waiting for you there. Then the doctor left the room. This young girl becme frightened. What kind of job is this, she asked. Why I am supposed to go to the bathroom. Does this mean they want me to clean the bathroom. Or does this mean tht the high official wants me to wash his body? She couldn't move toward the bathroom. She began to cry and just stood in the middle of the room and waited, she could not move. She stood there for several minutes. Finally, after many minutes someone emerged from the shower. The person who walked toher was the one whose picture she had seen all over China, in every family home and in every office, every school and on the street. It was the Great Leader, the Great Chairman Mao. He looked much much older than his pictures, and his forehead was not as bright as in the pictures. His hair was grey. And Mao was barefooted, he was wearing a robe with stripped vertical stripes and he was , she believed, very fat. He stood before her, wet, she thought that Mao was not happy with her. She had not come into the shower and did not offer her services. She had not removed her clothes. She was trembling. Still, she felt, at the same time, frightened and at the same time, in a strange way, happy. But she waws at the same time, scared, as though she were in the presence of good. She trembled in the presence of the great leader. She could not help herself. She began to cry. Mao stood there, his forehead wrinkled as he looked at her. He frowned and looked increasingly unhappy. She began to talk to herself. "Why am I cryhing. Why am I crying. I should be smiling. she could not help herself. Then Mao spoke. "LIttle colmrade. How old are you now. Who asked yo to come here. Why are you crying?" and she said, "Chairman Mao, I am just 20 years old." And he said, "Ah, don't be nervous. Which work unit are you from." She replied, "I am from the art performing group." Ah, so you are an actress. Why are you crying." What is wrong.
Are you afraid, He asked. Why are you afraid of me? YOu can gto home, if you wish, he said.
No, I don't dance so late.
He said, go back. Go home. Perhaps some day later I will see you. But not tonight.
Mao said, "I'll send yo to the door and someone will take you home."
Chairman Mao took her hand, she remembered, and walked her to the bedroom door where he asked the guard on duty outside the door to take her home. It was in the early hours of the morning at that time, and it was the blackest of nights in and the black Red Flag car carried her home that night to the dormitory.
When she got out of the car the driver told her, "Remember, nothing happened today. Remember that!"
When she came into her dormitory room, she lay down on her small bed and sobbed for several hours. Her best friend, Xiao Fang, asked, "What in the world is wrong. What happend to you. She promised that she would never tell anyone what she had seen and heard that not. But the room mate promised never to reveal what she said, no matter what happened. You won't believ it, she said Sna dshe told the story of her day.
After she heard the story, Xiao Fang was quite for a long time and said nothing. Finally she said, "Sister, you are so silly. That was Chairman Mao. He is a great leader. He is the savior of the country. He is grater than any emperor in our country Why were you so silly. You should have done your best to please him, he then would have brought you to Beijing, you would have never needed for anytyhing again in your life. How oculd you do this. How culd you pass up this opportunity. If I were you, I would have stayed there and done whatever he wanted me to do. I would have made him happy.
The following day became the truth for her, what she said. Xiao Fang was summoned, and she disappeared when the Red Flag came for her. No one but Da Pai knew where she had gone. Xiao Fang never eturned to the dormitory or to the school again. She was sent to Beijing, it was said, and left her old room mate and her old life behind.
At the same time, Xiao Pan was picked up and not allowed to say goodbye even to her parents. Mao was enthralled with her and could not be separated from this wild young woman. She left Tsingtao and she was sent to the Northeast section of the country, and seh was assigned there the job of working in a farm on the forsts. As a laborer. She was allowed to write to her parents only once every other month. But she was also required to send her letters first to the head of the farm, had it read and they decided whether or not the letter would be send ont to her parents. She was never allowed to tell her parents where she was, and she could not write a return address on the evenelope. She never married. But she did go a little crazy, it was said. She had sex with nearly all of the men on the farm, it was later said. She was mentally unbalanced. Sexually insatiable. L:ater she became mentally unbalanced. And she always said, "I'm such a silly girl. I should never have cried. Why didn't I smile." I should have smiled." Two years after Mao died, the Tsingtao government finally allowed her to come back. But thre was one thing she was required to do. She wws required to foreget everything that had happened to her. In 1978, Da Pai was 42 years old and she was sick and weak. Her hair became white. Her face was wrinkled. She aged quickly. She could not stand straight, but was bent like an old woman. She could not talk clearly and often mumbled to herself. The beauty of of times past had become an ugly old woman.
But whatever happened to Xiao Fang. Is she still alive? There are many rumors about her. One of them says that Jiang Qing found about her. One evening she disappeared. She had been summed home, she it ws said. That was it. She was never seen again. And she was murdered in Zhongnanhai. Some said that immediately after Mao's death, she was sent to Hainan Island, and she weas forbidden contact with the outside world. Because they were fraid she would tarnish the image of the Grat Chairman.

Zhou Enlai's daughter, adopted. Zhou Enlai had no children with his wife, but adopted several children and loved each of them. He was known as a good and loving father. Among his favorites was one of his daughters, Sun Weisi. In december, 1949, Mao trafveled to the Soviet Union to meet Joseph STalin. It was the one of the two times he left the country, he also left in 1953 to attend Stalin's funeral. With him was Zhou Enlai, the premier of China, in 1949. He accompanied by Zhou on this trip. They took a special train for them and started from Beijing and through Siberia and then to Moscow. It took them six days. The interpreter, Russian, was Sun Wei Si, Zhou's adopted daughter. Sun was one of the four beauties in Yanan. She was sent to Moscow to study Russian in 1949 she finished her schooling in Moscow and returned. She was 20 years old at the time. She had been a teeneage in Yanan and stayed until 1944. On the train, Mao said that he wanted to learn Russian, and so he asked Miss Sun to be his Russian language instructor. Mao was always very poor at foreign languages. In English, for example, Agnes Smedley tried to teach him English but he never made any progress whatever. He always had a beautiful young woman to teach him English and other foreign languages, but he never seemed to learn a single word. In English he could not tell the difference between good evening and good night. He was about to arrie in Moscow, but he could still not say the word, "Comrade" in Russian or Hellor or good evening. Zhou wondered about this, given the amount of time during the trip that the Chairman said he was studying Russian. So Mao asked Miss Sun to come to his bedroom to teach him word by word, one evening, how to speak Russian. Mao took Sun's hand, and he looked very unhappy. Sun asked him what was wrong. "Chairman Mao, why are you so unhappy. Mao sighted and said, "My relatinship with Jiang Qing is very bad. Especially in the past two years. She has become bad tempered. Worse than ever before. And according to her doctor, she has a special disease, in her uterous, she had something wrong, he didn't know exactly what it ws called. They had sex hardly at all any more, he said. He was very lonely and very unhappy about this. he said that he needed someone to be with him. She was moved by his confession at this time, she had always worshipped him and thought he was a great and wonderful person. and now he was telling her his private troubles. She felt honored and moved by this, she recalled later. She never suspected that it was a ruse, a stragegem. She felt that he was looking at her strangelyu. She blushed. And suddenly she stood and returned to her own quaretrs without saying a word. she felt very uncomfortable. but Mao was still holding her hand, and would not let her go. He said, would you please stay a little longer. Don't leave me tongith. Please don't leave me. There are many things I need to talk to you about. We cann arrange many things together, you and me. His hands were very warm and very insisten, she recalled later. She didn't listen to his entreaties but returned to her apartment, pulling her hand from him. But her compartment was locked from the inside and she could not find the attendant. And at that time sahe felt the bigt arms around her and carressed her. Someone came up behind her and put his arms around her in the dimly lighted passageway of the train. He seemed to know that her compartment would be locked. He carressed her. She felt herslf tremble. She her body felt weak in his hands, she could not resist, she felt. She was like in a dram in this semi darkness. It was a painful and uncomfortable dream, but also a happy dream. Now, a girl was about to become a woman. This was the time, she felt. That night, she lost her virginity to Mao. And she gave herself, totally, she said later, to the great leader. Early the next morning, when she awakened, she saw that she was in Mao's bed, in his arms, and she realized what had happened to her. The great leader was fast asleep, soundly, and sheslipped out of bed, put on her clothing again, and felt painful and a sour taste in her mouth. Her legs trembled when she tried to walk. She was exhausted. [She stood up and tried to leave Mao's room, but she could not leave, the door was locked and the key was not in the lock]. She felt sore inside, all the way to her stomach, she felt sick. The room smelled of tobacco smoke and old cigarettes. Now it was easy to open the door, she found. It had been locked from the outside and now it opened easily. The next apartment was premier Zhou's study and bedroom. She called him, "Father," and saw that her father's room was already oepened. She saw him doing morning exercises in his room. And MIss Sun went to her father's arms and cried, heavily and sadly. Without talking. Zhou didn't know what was wrong with her. And he closed his door and asked his daughter, what was wrong. And she could not talk for a long time. Finally, she told her father what had happened to her. "What a shameless act. He said. What a shameless man." He could be your father. He is old enough to be your father, you are so young. He said, "Your parents died for the Revolution. How could he do this to you. How could he doe this? He repeated this again and again to his daughter. Zhou was overcome with hatered. He became pale and his dark eyes flashed. She felt he would take personal revenge in a moment if he saw Mao. But gradually he calmed down. Zhou loved this daughter dearly. But what could he say now to Mao. Since 1936 when they arrived in Yanan he had given all power to Mao. He himself had become an assistant to the leader rather than the great leader himself. This time he still should stand this insult. This shame. This outrage. For the entire next two days, Zhou remained pale and shaken by the event and he communicated with no one else in the entourage. He did his work, as expected of him. He didn't want to destroy his working relationship with Mao.
On the return trip from Moscow, Mao began to think about his relationship with Miss Sun. It seems that he was falling in love with her. But Zhou and his wife, when Mao brought up the subject, said, "Our daughter does not agree with this relationship." finally, Zhou and his wife had to make their daughter marry someone very soon. She married a young man, an artiest, named Jing Shan.
Back in Beijing, Mao continued to get serious about this relationship. Jiang Qing found about this and became angry and jealous. She went to Zhou and again asked help, remembering the days of Yanan. They did not want their daughter involve din any way with Mao. They asked Jiang Qing what she thought the solution might be. She said, "Marry her to someone." And during the 1930s, this man, Jing Shan, had been an artist in Shanghai. She introduced them. What they did not know was that in Shanghai, before she had gone to Yanan, she had carried on a passionate affair with another actress. The actresses name was Jiang Qing.
In 1950, she had surgery, Jiang Qing, uterus surgery, and they removed her womb, and she could never have a child after that. By that time she was thirty six years old. After the surgery, because of the change in her body, hysterectomy, she became very cold about sex. She didn't want to have sex any more, and her hair began to fall out. And her breasts became smaller and samller.

Jiang Qing she became very cold about sex, and had such a change in her body, and she was worried about her status with Chairman Mao. She she heard about the relation between Mao and Miss Sun. Sun was so young and so pretty and she had a wonderful background, since her parents died for the revolution. she had graduated from Moscow Uniersity and was not the adopted daughter of the beloved Premier Zhou. Jiang Qing knew that Mao always loved young and beautiful women. So she could not stand this. Now she herself had become so weak and this woman was so strong. She was afraid that she would lose status of Mao's wife. So this time she went to Zhou and his wife and warned them, and she cried for help a second time. The first time was in Yanan. By that time Zhou deciceded to let his daughter marry this artist. Then Jiang Qing could never forget about her, never could forgive her. And during the Cultural REvoluiton, the opportunity came for revenge, in 1966, Mao started the cultural revolution, Jiang Qing gained enormous power for mischeif and she put many artists and movie stars to death. There were many sad stories of these people. But the saddest of all was Miss Sun. She was kept in jail in Shanghai and withstood punishment and torture and deprivation. She was kept in a single room, and there was nothing in her room but some straw on the floor, shewas forced to take off her clothes, and the Red Guards then beat and kicked her mercilessly. When she was beaten to death, she was just past her 30th birtday. Sun, the beloved of Mao, was beaten and kicked to death by the Red Guard under the direction of Madame Mao. What was her crime. She had been attractive enough to let Chairman Mao take her virginity. Her fault was to be beautiful and intelligent. Her father, who brought her up and worked for Mao, was having a small red book in his hand, and he always said, "Learn from Jiang Qing, salute to Comrade Jiang Qing. At that time his daughter was beaten to death. AT that time Zhou went along with the. He died January 8, 1976. Jiang Qing was at the heigh of her power. Mao died September 9, 1976. Jiang Qing arrested on October 6, 1976. She was tried and sentenced to death and was commuted to house arrest. She committed suicide at her daughter's home on June 3, 1991.

Mao was called Red Sun and his illegitimate children were called "Small Red Sun." Mao had many children, scores of children, nobody can tell how many for sure. Among them, with his mistresses, but the small red sons were not admited by the communist party, they were unofficial. HIs favorite official child was Mao Anying, his first son. His favorite also, with Yan Kai Hui. The daughter of the professor. The young mao, looked exactly like his father when he was young. He studied hard, was well disciplined, and very modest. In 1943 he graduated from Moscow University. In During the Korean War, in 1950, Mao sent his son to Korea to fight against the American imperialists. The commander in Chief in Korea was Peng Dehuai. He was a serious and honest individual, so he didn't keep Mao's son in the headquarters, but rather sent him to the front lines. To fight the Americans, Peng showed no favoritism at all. Before his son left for Korea, Mao had a wedding ceremony for his son. The bride, named Liu Song Lin, she was just 17 years old at the time. She was still a high school student. Her parents were high officials within the party. Chairman Mao liked her since she was a little girl. And she called him "Father" since that time. Several days after Mao Ai Ying married he left his bride behind and went to Korea. He did not tell her that he was on his way to Korea and the war with the US. So she did not worry unduly about his fate. Every time when her husband wrote to her, th letter was sent first to Mao, and then Mao passed it to her, so she would not know the exact return address. But it had been a long time since she received a letter from her husband. The daughter in law, came to Mao and awsked abot her husband. Mao could not tell her. She was too young, he felt. One day, Mao sent someone to pick her up. When she went to her father's room, she felt there was sojmething wrong. She saw Liu Ziochi and his wife, Zhu De and his wife, and Zhou Enlai and his wife and other high officials. She saw father and mother, Mao and Jiang Qing, sitting among theis circle of friends. they were all sad. Zhou came to her and told her that her husband had given his life to the great cause. She could not believe the words he spoke to her. She went to Mao and asked to give her husband back. After that, Mao often invited her to come to Zhongnanhai to hae dinner with him. They were the saddest people about the death of Mao Aining. Sometimes they would sit and cry together and held each other tightly in their grief. Jiang Qing became jealous of her. So she told the guards, that t not let her come to Zhongnanhai any more, through the special gate. And so they did not allow her in the gate any longer. Of course, Mao learned of this, and acquired a special pass for her to come to the compound. One day, in September, 1953, Mao invited his daughter in law to his study. Seems that his daughter in law was the only one he could talk to about his unhappiness and loneliness at the time. Mao talked about Zhou's family, about Liu Xiaochi's family, all happily married, all had great families and children, but he was always lonely, always alone, and he was unhapily married, he confessed. Finally, they talked about the death of Mao Aining. They became grief stricken again. And then Mao embraced her, and embraced her so tightly, and Liu, the daughter in law, a feeling that this man was not her father in law, but her husband. What she wanted to do her best to please her husband and to serve him again. Mao, his love for his sone became a love instead transferred to a sensual loe for his daughter in law. He needed her, he told her. They received satisfaction from each other. But at this time, Jiang Qing came into the room. She saw what they were doing. She shoulted and screamed like a mad woman at them. She then cried and drove the woman away. They were caught making love. During the cultural revolution, she was jailed. But, despite the best efforts of Jiang Ching, she survived. She remarried. She married a miltary officer. Today she resides in Beijing. Her younger sister married Mao's retarded son, Mao Anquing. They have one son who is also retarded. HIs name is Mao Xinyu. which means New Universe. It was said that he weighs over 220 pounds. as a teenager. The sister Liu Shao Hua, and she dropped the oringal family name.

Ending: The last nurse. She had everything that he had, she was extremely important, since she knew the figures, the names, she knew of all the important doucemtns she knew the combination to his private safe. Jiang Zing was extremely afraid and believed that she should have access to the safe. But the nurse called Hua Guofeng and she said that she would not let Jiang Qing have the combination, since Mao had so much money from the sale of his books, and almost everyone had written the books and he had a considerable amount of gold, and also all the secret papers and documents about Deng Xiaoping and Zhou Enlai and Jiang Qing and others, all of their private letters and reports from the police about them. She said that they were extremeley important. So everyone tried to please her, she knew all of the secrets and where they were kept in writing. Later she gave the files to Hua Guofeng and then, she became useless. That ws the key to her power. She was then not taken seriously, after providing the combination. She was without power then, having no access to gold ot ro secrets about others. Before she could be arrested, she was fired, however, as a security secretary of the Central Committee. She was fired and then, before she could be arrested, Jiang Qing was arrested. The Central Committee arraned for her to live in a small house in Shanghai in an area isolated from the outside world. She beame He Zizhen the second. In 1980. in the fall, Zhang Youfeng went to Beijing and was a witness in the trial of the Gang of Four. She was so naive at the time, thinking that since Jiang Qing was a prisoner, that people would not admit that she was Mao's wife. So she was asked to have her status as Mao's wife, and also to let her children have a public father. So she wrote three times to the Central Committee. This, her appeal came to Hu Yaobang, who was very empathetic towards her and her children. But when Deng Xiaping learned of this, he said, We have heard too much about this. We have met so many women who wanted to declared their children and their position as the wife of Mao. We cannot give her any convenience. We can no longer allow such things to happen. There are just too many heirs to Mao Zedong.
But Hu was such a warm hearted individual, he thought he should do something for her. At least he should send someone to talk to her. And he thought that the party should arrange for the woman to marry her original husband, and she should have the right to have a life like anyone else in the country. She was at her 40s and she should have her own life back again. And Hu felt that she had done nothing wrong, rather it was Mao who kept her for 18 years from her husband. So Hu sent her hisgood friend, the head of the office for the Central Committee, named Fong Wen Bing. As a representative of the party of the Central Committee, Mr. Fong went to talk to her in person. By that time, she was about 40 years old, she had lovely skin, was still slim, and big and bright eyes and she was still pretty. "It is this woman who spent 18 years, accompanig him in his middle and late life," Mr. Fong thought. Mao had so many beauties in his life, but the relationshps were all brief flings. Only this woman, he kept for 18 years. Mao never got tired of her. She must hae some special technique, some secret nside her," he concluded when he was talking to her.
So when the woman was talking about her sadness and her story and he was thinking about how attractive she was. He thought that if he could have a relationshp with hier this would be wonderful too. He promised that he would do all that he could to help her and to help her children. She was so grateful to him, and after living in Zhongnanhai for nearly 20 years, she knew how powerful he was, since he was the head of the office. And since Mao died, she had never had another man in her life. So when during the conversation, Mr. Fong, touched her hand and held it, as they spoke, She did not resist or move her hand. With his handkerchief he wipedf away her tears and again she did not refuse. He touched her hair. And she did not resist. When he leaned forward and kissed her, she kissed him back. So finally, when he Fong unbuttoned her blouse, she did not stop him. He satisfied his curiosity about her. He returend several hours later to Bejing. But after the love making, he regretted what he had done.
He realized that he had made a very big mistake. he realized that he was going now to et into very big trouble. So he dare not contact her again. But she stayed in a hotel for three months in Beijing. She waited in a special hotel maintained by the Central Commitee, not a public hotel. She never saw him again. Finally, she realized that she had been cheated this time. So she wrote a letter to the Central Commiteee, and told them the story of what had happened, including the seduction by Mr. Fong. She suggested it was a sexual liaison and not a romance, sex in exchange for a favor. they did not know what to do. The letter went to Hu Yaobang. He was enraged at his old friend. And he said, You are such a silly man. We have so many women, so many women in the world, so many women in China. Why this woman? Why her? She belonged to Mao. How dare you?" And Hu Yaobang sent him away from the Central Committee. He became a vice president of a uniersity in Beijing, a university for the cadres in Beijing. To train the party leaders of the future. Before long, he died soon after this, at the age of 69. There is a rumor that the people in Zhongnanhai that said that Mao was still alive, his soul was still alive. And whoever dared to touch his woman, his beloeved. would surely die. The Central Committee never gave the proper name to Miss Zhong and her children. Today she lives in Beijing. It is a very nice good house that she has been given by the party, but it is isolated totally from the outside world. She was never afraid or in need for money or other material things. But she lives as a recluse, like one of the widows of an emperor. Xun Zang Ren), one of the wives of the emperors who was buried alive beisde her husband. someone who laid down her life for the deceased emperor. Others say that before sleeping with Miss Zhong he had an awe of the great Chairman of the Party. After sleeping with her, he never recovered from his disappointment and his deflated estimation of the Mao's evaluation.


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