Thursday, December 13, 2012

Notes from PLA Transcripts

So Syria came calling, sending a delegation to China, saying that Syria was interested in Chinese arms too since they had observed the successful Chinese missiles in Saudi Arabia and Chinese arms in Iran and Iraq and in Egypt. And China said, all right, anything but ballistic missiles. And Syria said it was exactly the ballistic missile that they were interested in. Because this was exactly what they could not buy from the outside world. Both the USA and the Soviet Union were forbidden to sell these arms to Assad. China was the only country to sell missiles of this kind to any foreign country in history. The East Wind. So the Syrians said, OK, let's make an agreement. We are not going to sell you intermediate range missiles, but we can sell you short range ballistic missiles. Which is the M9 series and which is really all they need. China was shrewd on this. China told them, but so far we do not have the missiles, and that is because we are still in the design and developmental stage for these missiles. We are unfortunately short of funds at the moment. So if you’re interested in the missiles really you can participate in their development by providing financial contributions at the moment, which is what we need. To the research projects. This meant an immediate infusion of foreign currency to China, which is exactly what we needed. And once the missiles come out, in three or four years time, this will be an advance payment and you can then be provided with them. So the Syrians, of course, they were interested. They wanted anything ballistic, no matter what the price. They were very interested in hitting Israel and this was the weapon that they could do it with. Whatever the price. The only thing that could safely hit Israel was a ballistic missile, because Israel's air defense capability was extremely good, especially the air force. So now the Israelis were worried. Especially about the Bekka Valley. When Israel planes wiped out all of the SAM missiles provided to them by the Soviet Union. They were infuriated by this by the poor quality and perofm4ance of the missiles provided by the Soviet Union. So they wanted to buy ballistic ones, and by ballistic ones I mean that once they are launched against a target, unless there is an SDI program, they cannot be countered. By ballistic I mean once they are launched against a target, once they go into the atmosphere and then they come down, that means you cannot see them. Unlike a Scud missile, which you can see. A cruise missile is a ground skimming missile, But these you cannot see them until they reemerge into the atmosphere of the earth, and that is only moments before the explosion. So they are impossible to put a ground or air defense against them. That is why the USA is developing an SDI program. So the Syrians loaned the money to the Aviation and Aeronautic Industry. They have a lot of research institutes. The function of these is the developments of intermediate or short range ballistic missiles. So, the Syrians did that. Provided the money. And later on China provided the Missile launchers. And quite high ranking officials from the Aviation Industry, they personally supervised the shipping of the launchers and the first missiles to Syria. That means they were on the ship. That means they flew on the planes and they were there in advance of the landing of the launchers and the ships. They supervised the safe delivery, camouflage, transportation and everything. How much money did they provide? Millions or billions(Something that we talk about later on)
So now the Syrians have launchers. The western intelligence experts have spotted launchers. The launchers were installed by Chinese technicians. But I seriously doubt that Syria has obtained at least a couple of missiles already. They have, I think. Due to the financial contributions to the program.. It is impossible for China to stop this deal now. The only thing that can actually stop this or make China refrain from this is that all of a sudden it was exposed in the world. So it is not longer a secret, so China will be more careful. She will postpone her deployment for a time. But just for a time. By short range missiles I mean about 375 miles. An IRBM is more than 1,000 miles. The accuracy of these is, what do you call it, the smallest error circle, for this missile, is very insignificant. If it carries nuclear war heads, you can forget it, since you do not have to be that accurate. This is the last card, of course, that China holds in its hand. Now that you guys all have these missiles capable of delivering a nuclear warhead, now I know that you cannot develop a warhead by yourself. The only country capable of developing that warhead and placing it on the missile is China itself. See, so in order for your guys to acquire delivery of a nuclear warhead, then you must maintain good relations with China and, in time, you might get what you want. Later on. But it depends on the bilateral relationship. And now, all the Arab world, has diplomatic relations with China.
China, in the nuclear non-proliferation agreements, says only that it is willing to consider signing the treaty. But it still needs to have ratification of the people's Congress, which is not going to be held until this year later. And even if the Congress approves, and if China signs this treaty, I seriously doubt, who signs this treaty. The Foreign Ministry. And what in the world is this foreign ministry? It is nothing. Nothing in the arms export circles. It has no power. But China needs a foreign ministry for communication with the West. So they are caught x somewhere in the middle.
So the defense system is a state unto itself, and Poly Technologies is the head of the family.

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